Speed comparisson between Kaffe/jdk on Linux/Windows

Artur Biesiadowski abies at pg.gda.pl
Sun Apr 11 03:29:08 PDT 1999

Constantin Teodorescu wrote:

> I am confused by this results. Should I understand that under Linux, jdk
> 1.1.7 is using a JIT ?!?!?
> Or, the interpreter of jdk 1.1.7 is as fast as Kaffe JIT ?

Basically yes, in many cases sun's interpreter is as fast as kaffe
jitted code. Why kaffe jit is slow is quite obvious - it does not
perform any optimalizations except putting some stack slots in
registers. But even with that it should be faster (tya uses even more
dumb translation scheme and is faster for most apps). Do anybody know
which part is so slow in kaffe ? Method dispatching ?
BTW, somebody should do even simple method inlining for kaffe - speed
increase can be trmendous in some cases.


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