Can I do network operations on a DOS machine using Kaffe ?

Santoro Corrado csanto at
Mon Apr 12 03:56:27 PDT 1999

On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Constantin Teodorescu wrote:

> Hello again,
> I am planning to use Kaffe on some poor DOS machines (486 DX2/66, 4 Mb
> RAM) as clients for some network applications (client/server using
> PostgreSQL database).
> The computers have network card (NE 2000 compatible) and they are
> running DOS 6.22 (without Windows).
I think it's difficult! You not only have to add a TCP/IP protocol stack
but you have also to make a lot of modifications as several system call
does not work under DOS. Anyway, the FTP Software enterprise (
sold a protocol stack for DOS (named PC/TCP) equipped with the
developement libraries. I don't know if the package is yet sold.
In this sense, I can give you several informations as I've used the
package. But for Kaffe porting under DOS ...... good luck :((

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