read/write calls inside kaffe

Stefan Burstroem f94sbu at
Fri Apr 16 04:01:05 PDT 1999

In article <37177BB4.9A5ED6F1 at> you wrote:
>Stefan Burstroem wrote:
>> Could someone try to apply them and see if they work?
>> And if not please tell me where it fails and I'll try to fix it. (It
>> doesn't run here yet due to AWT/X problems)

>Looks good - I will give it a try.. What AWT problems do you have?

I cannot get the shared memory stuff to compile/link properly and I don't
know if it is supported by the AmigaX port. And since I want to run
everything as a native app, I'd probably resort into writing my own AWT for
AmigaOS based on your code.

Btw, I realzed that I can install and try to run Kaffe at my HP boxes at
my university (Santa Clara btw ;) so I can try to apply my patches there
and see if they work.

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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