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Mon Apr 19 21:50:58 PDT 1999

On Apr 18, 1999, Maksim Lin <maksim at> wrote:

> Alexandre Oliva wrote:

>> Kaffe's configure script looks for both libgif and libungif, and links
>> with both of them.  I'm not sure this is right, though; we should
>> probably not look for one of them if we find the other.  But I don't
>> know which one is to be preferred, does anybody?

> No I meant both versions 3 & 4 of _only_ libungif, here's what I mean:

The problem is that

/usr/lib/ -> -> ->

The SONAME (i.e., the name will look for) of is, and Kaffe *will* link with -lgif even if it does not
meet its needs.  We should probably drop the search for libgif from, and search for some libungif function that's *not*
available in version 3, so that we don't use -lungif unless we know
it's the appropriate version.  Then we'll be able to drop the
header-file-check hack, which we can't always trust anyway.  If
there's no new function in, we could perform the
header-file check and, only if it succeeds, look for libungif.

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