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Jules Bean jmlb2 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Tue Apr 20 10:05:04 PDT 1999

yOn Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hello, Robert!
> > 	some standard *slanted* X11 fonts (esp. Adobe Courier and Helvetica)
> > 	have -o- (outline?) instead of -i- (italic) in the XLFD name at the
> > 	"slant" position. let's use them if an "-i- font" is not available!
> "o" means "oblique", which is almost the same as "italic" (AFAIK).
> If your X-Server lacks such fonts, you should add some code trying "i" if
> "o" is not available. I can imagine that other X-Servers may lack
> "italic" fonts.

They're actually totally different.  Unfortunately, italic is often taken
to mean oblique.

Oblique means slanted.  Load up some low-quality platform (MS, maybe) and
look at 'helvetica italic'.  That's Oblique.

Italic, on the other hand, is a sort of stylised flowing script - Zapf
Chancery is a classic italic script.  Times italic is genuinely italic not
merely oblique - notice how the serifs change from being flat ended in
roman, to 'curly' in the italic version.

Not that any of this is very important to kaffe... unless java knows the
different between italic and oblique, anyhow..


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