kaffe 1.0.b4 configuration

Adam Messer amesser at novell.com
Tue Apr 20 09:45:39 PDT 1999

Hello Alexandre,

	I found the same problem a couple of weeks ago. When I
brought up the problem, the suggested solution was to place a softlink
in the config/i386 (something like that) from cygwin32 to cygwin. I
that was only a band-aid fix, but it worked.

	I have another problem with the cygwin build ob beta 4. The
problem is in the build process between the compiler and the
The compiler is often instructed to create '.lo' files, but the
expects '.o' files. Instead of getting deep into the build procedures,
just copied '*.lo' to '*.o' in the directories in question. When I
reported the
problem, the only answer was that they were surprised that libtool did
not take care of the problem.

Adam Messer
amesser at novell.com 

>>> Alexandre Oliva <oliva at dcc.unicamp.br> 04/19/99 11:52PM >>>
On Apr 19, 1999, Lorenzo Ivaldi <lord at atlas.dibe.unige.it> wrote:

> under the cygnus cygwin-b20 environment runnig under nt4.0 runnig on

> Configure: error: Configuration i386-cygwin not supported. The
> configuration is actually not supported or I haven't made the proper
> settings?

It's a bug in the distribution.  Hopefully, the attached patch,
already installed in the CVS tree, should take care of it.

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