Algorithm used by BigInteger prime generator?

Godmar Back gback at
Tue Apr 20 21:28:21 PDT 1999

 I'm wondering whether you have to use BigNum.
Kaffe currently uses a GNU library, libgmp, and it doesn't
quite work.  That is, serializing/deserializing works, and number are
correctly printed and compared, but more complex operations such as 
verifying a key using Sun's security classes don't work.  (Which is
why apps such as Volanochat currently fail --- they can't verify their
license key.)  I looked at it and suspect the problem might lie
in the differences between BigNum and GMP - given that the Java
classes are basically only wrappers to access the underlying 
package.  Specifically, I was wondering if some of the invariants
concerning the representation of the magnitude and the location
of the MSB are the same.  That's just a guess, though.

	- Godmar

> > Does anybody know what algorithm the constructor
> > java.math.BigInteger.BigInteger(int bitLength, int certainty, Random
> > rnd) is supposed to use?
> Sun's java.math implementation uses Colin Plumb's <colin at>
> BigNum library <URL:>.

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