FreeBSD linking problem

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Fri Apr 23 12:11:15 PDT 1999

On Apr 23, 1999, Godmar Back <gback at> wrote:

> Why not add them to the end, so that standard libs installed
> in /usr/local/lib are still found, but the newly built libs
> will still override any garbage you may have in /usr/local/lib?

Yup.  Adding them to LIBS, not to LDFLAGS, is the right approach.
However, since AC_CHECK_LIB *pre*pends to LIBS, we might have trouble
with dumb linkers that search for a library only in -Ldirs specified
*before* the library.  But I don't know of any such linker, so we can
probably live with it, and I'm installing a patch shortly :-)

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