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Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Sun Apr 25 06:34:05 PDT 1999

On Apr 18, 1999, Aaron Place <beavis at> wrote:

> Could someone please commit these changes (if they are correct).

Thanks, installed most of it.

> 	* libraries/clib/io/RandomAccessFile.c,
>  	libraries/javalib/java/io/ change
>  	constructor to throw FileNotFoundException

Throwing FileNotFoundException is correct, but the method declaration
still says it throws IOException, so I did not install the .java patch.

> 	* libraries/javalib/java/io/ (ready): fix

Doesn't make much sense to me; `closed' would never be `true'.  Maybe
you meant to set it to `true' in close().  And then, shouldn't it be
checked in *every* method, not only in ready()?

> 	* libraries/javalib/java/io/ (StringWriter): make 
> 	public
> 	(close): change signature

Nope, close() is documented as throwing IOException, we shouldn't drop 
it.  But maybe it shouldn't do nothing, behaving like in your proposed 
change to StringReader.

> 	* libraries/javalib/java/text/,
>  	clone is handled by superclass

The docs say they *do* define clone(), they just don't explicitly
implement Cloneable.  I've installed only the part that removes
Cloneable from `implements'.


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