An RMI proposal

Aaron M. Renn arenn at
Tue Apr 27 12:14:28 PDT 1999

>This sounds like an excellent idea to me - we've also taken a peripheral
>look at NinjaRMI.  How can we make this work in practice (what with the
>multiple CVS servers for the source and so forth)?  I can setup a
>NinjaRMI CVS repository here and dump a copy in as a starting point
>(that would be seperate from kaffe's standard CVS).

I thought that this project would stay Matt's, but he doesn't have a CVS
server for it as best I can see.  We can ask if he would mind you setting up
a CVS module for the code.  We'd probably need to get the latest development
snapshot from him to check in anyway.

Aaron M. Renn (arenn at

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