powerpc port

jim hopper hopperj at macconnect.com
Thu Aug 12 18:28:50 PDT 1999

i got port built.  but i get the following out put when i do a make 
check, the one thing i am not clear about so far is the alignment of 
size macro for powerpc.  i tried 68k and the 4byte version of i386. 
4 byte version causes core dumps, 2 byte gives the below.

thanks!  jim

test -z "*.class *.fail *.out core *.core ExceptionTest" || rm -f 
*.class *.fail *.out core *.core ExceptionTest
PASS: HelloWorldApp.class.save
FAIL: HelloWorldApp.java
FAIL: TestIntLong.java
PASS: TestFloatDouble.java
FAIL: DoublePrint.java
FAIL: DoubleComp.java
FAIL: ModuloTest.java
FAIL: LongNeg.java
FAIL: Str.java
FAIL: Str2.java
FAIL: InternHog.java
FAIL: IndexTest.java
FAIL: StackDump.java
FAIL: tname.java
FAIL: ttest.java
FAIL: ThreadInterrupt.java
FAIL: UncaughtException.java
FAIL: ReflectInterfaces.java
FAIL: TestSerializable.java
FAIL: TestCasts.java
FAIL: Alias.java
FAIL: NullPointerTest.java
FAIL: TableSwitch.java
FAIL: LostFrame.java
FAIL: ConstructorTest.java
FAIL: burford.java
FAIL: IllegalInterface.java
FAIL: GetInterfaces.java
FAIL: IntfTest.java
FAIL: SignedShort.java
FAIL: CharCvt.java
FAIL: BadFloatTest.java
FAIL: ProcessTest.java
FAIL: UDPTest.java
FAIL: SoTimeout.java
FAIL: wc.java
FAIL: FileTest.java
At a recent computer software engineering course in the US, the participants
were given an awkward question to answer.  "If you had just boarded an
airliner and discovered that your team of programmers had been responsible
for the flight control software, how many of you would disembark
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