powerpc port

jim hopper hopperj at macconnect.com
Thu Aug 12 20:16:21 PDT 1999

alignment of Int with size 4 is 4
alignment of Short with size 2 is 2
alignment of Double with size 8 is 4
alignment of LongLong with size 8 is 4
alignment of Float with size 4 is 4
alignment of Char with size 1 is 1

looks like the packing is dependent upon the arg size if i read this 
right.  i am not that conversant with c (i program in Ada) but if i 
read this right, char is not padded at all, short is padded with one 
byte, and both long and longlong with 3. am i reading this correctly?

#define ALIGNMENT_OF_SIZE(S)    (((S>1)?2:1))
is what is defined for 68k which is obviously not correct for this 
result.  can ou give me a macro that works for this result? thanks 
for any insight.

best jim

> >
> >
> > i got port built.  but i get the following out put when i do a make
> > check, the one thing i am not clear about so far is the alignment of
> > size macro for powerpc.  i tried 68k and the 4byte version of i386.
> > 4 byte version causes core dumps, 2 byte gives the below.
> >
>Could you compile and run this program and tell us what you see?
>	- Godmar

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