powerpc port

jim hopper hopperj at macconnect.com
Thu Aug 12 21:01:05 PDT 1999

OK, i screwed up a bit.  the results i showed

est -z "*.class *.fail *.out core *.core ExceptionTest" || rm -f 
*.class *.fail *.out co
re *.core ExceptionTest
PASS: HelloWorldApp.class.save
FAIL: HelloWorldApp.java
FAIL: TestIntLong.java
PASS: TestFloatDouble.java
FAIL: DoublePrint.java
FAIL: DoubleComp.java
FAIL: ModuloTest.java
FAIL: LongNeg.java

were for the case of using the x86
#define ALIGNMENT_OF_SIZE(S)    ((S)>4?4:(S))

not the 68k version.  its the 68k version which causes the failure. 
now that i have supplied correct info ;-)  perhaps it makes more 
sense.  Sorry!

At a recent computer software engineering course in the US, the participants
were given an awkward question to answer.  "If you had just boarded an
airliner and discovered that your team of programmers had been responsible
for the flight control software, how many of you would disembark
                     unknown author

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