Class tree compilation "from zero"

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Tue Aug 17 22:15:10 PDT 1999

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, David Jones wrote:

>golubovsky at wrote:
>| To summarize my question: does there exist a java compiler which is able to
>| compile java sources on completely foreign tree and which may be forced
>| manually to ignore the absence of some referred classes or their native
>| libraries?
>Both pizza and Sun's javac support the -classpath directive on the command line,
>which sets up a class path for the compiler to refer to during the compile.
>This is not the same as the classpath that the JVM will use to run the
>Does this not do what you want?

This does partly. At least I was able to compile the whole borrowed Kaffe
classes tree (together with my trees). The problem is, Sun's tools still
remain proprietary and of big volume. The ideal case for me would be to find a
stupid (able to ignore absent classes and just forming constant pool entries),
small size Java compiler written in C (like guavac) with GPL or opensource
like license which just can be bundled with my distribution (this is a
question of distant future).

The JVM I've already partly written uses VERY late binding for java non-native
methods and classes (only when a constant pool entry needs to be resolved), so
such a stupidity of a Java compiler would be a plus for me (I just will get
runtime error on unimplemented methods / absent classes).

Dmitry M. Golubovsky
      St-Petersburg, Russia

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