[Kaffe] problem loading class with current CVS tree

Moses DeJong dejong at cs.umn.edu
Sun Aug 22 12:02:51 PDT 1999

Hi all.

I tried to use the most recent Kaffe CVS tree to compile a Java
project I am working on but I got a bunch of "Class not found"
errors. It seems like loading of classes from the CLASSPATH
is broken. Here is an example that shows how javap from Sun
works but the Kaffe version fails (the CLASSPATH is the same).
Has anyone else run into a problem like this?

% /soft/java/JDK-1.1.6/bin/javap tcl.lang.reflect.PkgInvoker
Compiled from tcl/lang/reflect/PkgInvoker.java
public class tcl.lang.reflect.PkgInvoker extends java.lang.Object {
    static java.util.Hashtable cachedInvokers;
    static tcl.lang.reflect.PkgInvoker defaultInvoker;
    public java.lang.Object invokeConstructor(java.lang.reflect.Constructor, ja;    public java.lang.Object invokeMethod(java.lang.reflect.Method, java.lang.Ob;    public java.lang.Object getField(java.lang.reflect.Field, java.lang.Object);    public void setField(java.lang.reflect.Field, java.lang.Object, java.lang.O;    public static final tcl.lang.reflect.PkgInvoker getPkgInvoker(java.lang.Cla;    public tcl.lang.reflect.PkgInvoker();
    static static {};

(The Kaffe version of the jar util is on the PATH)

% javap tcl.lang.reflect.PkgInvoker
Class 'tcl.lang.reflect.PkgInvoker' not found

Mo DeJong
dejong at cs.umn.edu

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