Thread stack and Shared heap

Jean-Louis Pazat Jean-Louis.Pazat at
Mon Aug 23 02:50:05 PDT 1999


I am starting a project on porting the KVM on a cluster of workstations
using a shared virtual memory.  
I know that I will have much work to do to implement a distributed  gc,
and this will be a research topic.

By Now, I just want to make an early experiment with Kaffee so
I need to get more knowledge on how and where;the exchanges between 
the Threads stacks and the "main memory" (stack) are implemented in Kaffevm.

Anyone can help ?


Dr. Jean-louis PAZAT,    Assistant Professor INSA Rennes
IRISA, CAPS project 
Phone: 33 2 99 84 72 14  Fax: 33 2 99 84 25 28
IRISA  Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu  35042 RENNES CEDEX  FRANCE

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