[Kaffe] problem loading class with current CVS tree

Moses DeJong dejong at cs.umn.edu
Wed Aug 25 01:39:42 PDT 1999

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Archie Cobbs wrote:

> Moses DeJong writes:
> > is broken. Here is an example that shows how javap from Sun
> > works but the Kaffe version fails (the CLASSPATH is the same).
> > Has anyone else run into a problem like this?

I will try to find some time to look into this problem in depth
this weekend. The funny thing is that I am getting a compiler error
when I try to compile Jacl with newer versions of Kaffe, but I did
not get compiler errors with versions closer to beta4. This is what
made me think that class loading has become broken somehow. This
has nothing to do with the zip libs or the jar program, only class
loading. Has anyone else run into probelems with loading of classes
from the file system (not out of a jar or zip file)?


> I've seen this too.. Sun's javap has trouble decoding JAR/ZIP
> files when run under kaffe.. probably because kaffe's java.util.jar
> or java.util.zip implementation is buggy..
> -Archie
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