problem with Runtime.exec()

Moses DeJong dejong at
Sat Aug 28 04:35:37 PDT 1999

Here is a strange crash I got while exec'ing a program from

% ls
Kaffe: ../../../kaffe/kaffevm/mem/gc-incremental.c:933: gcFree: Assertion
`!!!"Attempt to explicitly free nonfixed object"' failed.
Abort (core dumped)

#0  0x401be811 in __kill ()
#1  0x401be63f in raise (sig=6) at ../sysdeps/posix/raise.c:27
#2  0x401bf84f in abort () at ../sysdeps/generic/abort.c:83
#3  0x401b9416 in __assert_fail (
    assertion=0x40192fa7 "!!!\"Attempt to explicitly free nonfixed
    file=0x40192b40 "../../../kaffe/kaffevm/mem/gc-incremental.c",
    function=0x40192fa0 "gcFree") at assert.c:54
#4  0x4015c21d in gcFree (gcif=0x4019cdc8, mem=0x83a0bb0)
    at ../../../kaffe/kaffevm/mem/gc-incremental.c:933
#5  0x4015c59f in jfree (mem=0x83a0bb0) at ../../../kaffe/kaffevm/gc.c:33
#6  0x40251746 in freevec (v=0x8396bc8)
    at ../../../../libraries/clib/native/UNIXProcess.c:36
#7  0x40251a4e in Java_kaffe_lang_UNIXProcess_forkAndExec (env=0x401976c4, 
    proc=0x83aa140, args=0x839db98, envs=0x0)
    at ../../../../libraries/clib/native/UNIXProcess.c:132
#8  0x839568d in ?? ()
#9  0x83a252a in ?? ()
#10 0x4016ffec in callMethodV (meth=0x83a22bc, func=0x83947d9,
    args=0xbfffd9a0, ret=0xbfffd878) at ../../../config/i386/common.h:38
#11 0x4016f81e in execute_java_constructor_v (
    cname=0x402571d3 "kaffe.lang.UNIXProcess", cc=0x0, 
    signature=0x402571a9 "([Ljava/lang/String;[Ljava/lang/String;)V", 
    argptr=0xbfffd998) at ../../../kaffe/kaffevm/support.c:201
#12 0x4016f84e in execute_java_constructor (
    cname=0x402571d3 "kaffe.lang.UNIXProcess", cc=0x0, 
    signature=0x402571a9 "([Ljava/lang/String;[Ljava/lang/String;)V")
    at ../../../kaffe/kaffevm/support.c:213
#13 0x40250a2f in java_lang_Runtime_execInternal (this=0x8180d70,
    arge=0x0) at ../../../../libraries/clib/native/Runtime.c:110
#14 0x835bfbe in ?? ()


#46 0x81dc911 in ?? ()
#47 0x4016ffec in callMethodV (meth=0x81a3d60, func=0x819bb18, obj=0x0, 
    args=0xbffff17c, ret=0xbfffefe8) at ../../../config/i386/common.h:38
#48 0x40166233 in Kaffe_CallStaticVoidMethodV (env=0x401976c4,
    meth=0x81a3d60, args=0xbffff178) at ../../../kaffe/kaffevm/jni.c:2344
#49 0x401662ac in Kaffe_CallStaticVoidMethod (env=0x401976c4,
    meth=0x81a3d60) at ../../../kaffe/kaffevm/jni.c:2357
#50 0x8048be4 in main2 (env=0x401976c4, argv=0xbffff5e4, farg=2, argc=0)
    at ../../../kaffe/kaffe/main.c:195
#51 0x8048ac2 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffff5e4) at

I hope that helps
Mo DeJong
dejong at

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