install errors

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Wed Dec 15 10:45:22 PST 1999

> What do you mean when the tree is clean? You can't install
> from a clean tree because there's nothing to install... ?

'make clean all install' works.  (I meant the tree got cleaned
immediately before an all install.)  If I don't clean the
libraries/clib/ directory before doing a 'make all install', I get the

Doing a 'make -C XXX/libraries/clib/ clean' does something magical so
that 'make all install' works.  I tried manually removing the
offending .la files to see if that would make it work, but it didn't

> I build in a separate tree as well by the way... generally
> by doing configure, then saying "gmake" then "gmake install".

I usually do 'make all install'.

Hmm... maybe my tree is screwed up in someother way... the generated
Makefiles are full of "@foo@" magic.  Shouldn't all of that have been
subsituted away?  
	find <objtree> -name "Makefile" | xargs -n 5 grep "@.*@"


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