windowClosed is not called

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at
Sat Dec 25 16:38:55 PST 1999

Merry Christmas to everybody!

I have found that the method windowClosed() is not called under Kaffe for
classes implementing and adding WindowListener.

Also the examples from tests/awt (Calc and WidgetsDemo) don't exit on JDK.
It looks like that Kaffe kills processes before windowClosed() would have
been called, so if there is any useful clean-up code there it is not

For example, apply the following patch to

---   Fri Sep  4 12:47:38 1998
+++   Sat Dec 25 19:23:41 1999
@@ -337,6 +337,7 @@
 public void windowClosed ( WindowEvent evt ){
+       System.out.println("Window closed");
 public void windowClosing ( WindowEvent evt ){

"Window closed" will never be printed under Kaffe.

Pavel Roskin

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