Porting Kaffe to a new architecture: The JIT icode instruction set

Samuel Sanseri sanseri at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Dec 29 10:57:37 PST 1999


On the Kaffe website, particularly in relation to porting Kaffe to new 
architectures, it states "that documentation would be welcome here."

I am working with my advisor on porting the Kaffe JIT to IA-64 and have
written a tabular summary of the icode instruction set in order to help
myself understand the workings of Kaffe.  This document is chapter 1,
called "The JIT icode instruction set"  and is attached in HTML format.

As we proceed in development, further chapters will likely be written and
posted to this list.  Any comments or corrections to this document will be
useful to us in our development, and thus appreciated.

For best reading of this document, you will require a large screen, with 
your browser stretched to maximum width.  This document can also be found
at my homepage at http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~sanseri


Samuel Sanseri
Computer Science Graduate Research Assistant
Portland State University
sanseri at cs.pdx.edu
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