Java VM & RTOS for Palm and ...!

Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud jbbugeau at
Wed Feb 3 05:46:58 PST 1999

Hi, that's soung great, isn't it ?

But it may soon become true !

Let's have a look at

This is a *true* Java VM for embedded device

+ It is a full RTOS, GC enable, Thread + TCP/IP and Web Server :   256K ROM + 256k ram !  (the basic version is 10kROM an 32k RAM)
+ Driver for IO decices can be written entire in Java !  
+ it is already port for 68k !
- only missing an AWT

GarbageCollector, Threads, Exception are treated in JBED as Realtime :)

The firm hesitate to port an AWT for PalmIII, because it seem to complicate for them ...

If your are like me and think your dream can come true, just mail them ...

Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud
BJB'. / 3logie

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