1.0.b3 on Sparc and m68k

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Wed Feb 3 17:23:20 PST 1999

Hi Godmar,

>Seems like you took off for a couple of months.
Yes, I'm busy programming with Java :-)

>Kaffe has changed quite a bit since then.
I noticed.

>>       If I redirect the output of test to a file, csh exit
>>       immediately. I guess some process group issue happens.

It is better to say, 'If I background a program...' rather than
'If I redirect ...'.

>I've seen similar probs before.
Me too, or more precisely, I remember someone talked this before
on this mailing list. But I can not find any answers.

>Does it exit after running the program or right away?
It happens right away.

>Kiyo, I'd really like you to look at unix-jthreads only.
>If you see a problem there for a specific system, we need to find
>a fix to the current unix-jthreads.
Then, I'd like to add one more problem on unix-jthreads.

On m68k/NetBSD 1.3.1/gcc
	pizza compiler does not work :-<
		it works with unix-internal of course.
	pizza compiler says,

	An exception has occurred in the compiler. (v0.39g)
	Please file a bug report by sending your program and the following diagnostic to
	pizza at cis.unisa.edu.au.

	   Thank you.

		at java/util/zip/ZipFile.entries(50)
		at pizza/v39/ClassReader.list(864)
		at pizza/v39/ClassReader.directory(1027)
		at pizza/v39/Enter.classEnter(387)
		at pizza/v39/Main.process(215)
		at pizza/v39/Main.compile(298)
		at pizza/v39/Main.main(372)
		at pizza/compiler/Main.main(20)

	So, I'm now reading 'libraries/clib/native/ZipFile.c' file.


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