[Kaffe] another pizza problem

Moses DeJong dejong at cs.umn.edu
Wed Feb 3 23:12:27 PST 1999

Hello all.

I seem to have run into another problem with pizza. The line
numbers produced by pizza are incorrect. Here is an example
stack trace with line numbers generated by pizza and a stack
trace with line numbers generated by jikes (javac is the same).

PropertySig.get() really called at JavaInvoke:429
JavaInvoke.getProperty() is really called at JavaPropCmd:84

(Compiled with pizza)

        at tcl/lang/PropertySig.get(150)
        at tcl/lang/JavaInvoke.getProperty(437)
        at tcl/lang/JavaPropCmd.cmdProc(85)
        at tcl/lang/AutoloadStub.cmdProc(144)
        at tcl/lang/Parser.evalObjv(813)
        at tcl/lang/Parser.eval2(1215)
        at tcl/lang/Interp.eval(1719)
        at tcl/lang/Interp.eval(1780)

(Compiled with jikes)

        at tcl/lang/PropertySig.get(147)
        at tcl/lang/JavaInvoke.getProperty(429)
        at tcl/lang/JavaPropCmd.cmdProc(84)
        at tcl/lang/AutoloadStub.cmdProc(144)
        at tcl/lang/Parser.evalObjv(810)
        at tcl/lang/Parser.eval2(1209)
        at tcl/lang/Interp.eval(1681)
        at tcl/lang/Interp.eval(1740)

Mo DeJong
dejong at cs.umn.edu

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