[Kaffe] problem with stack traces

Tony Kimball alk at pobox.com
Wed Feb 3 23:14:28 PST 1999

Quoth Godmar Back on Wed, 3 February:
: Mo, I implemented a quick version and checked it in:
: It's not as pretty as Sun's which prints the basename of a SourceFile only,
: but maybe we don't want that anyway cause it could be ambiguous.

One is always reluctant to make a statement which might be interpreted
as a request for someone else to write code, but that fear
notwithstanding, I will mention, just FYI, that it is a marginally
common practice to find one's callers by parsing the output of
    (new Exception("traceback")).printStackTrace()
I say "marginally common" because I have personal knowledge of at
least three persons who have independently implemented such code!

It would much simplify such code, if Kaffe could format tracebacks
more nearly compatibly -- i.e. use the same separator characters, and
significant elements per line, whitespace not being important.  (In
the best of all possible worlds, Kaffe would set an example so good
that Sun elects to standardize it, and implement a call-stack query
extension to the reflection interface:-)  But I won't hold my breath.)

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