Constant pool optimization

Godmar Back gback at
Thu Feb 4 10:00:08 PST 1999

> >Hello.
> >
> >Looking at memory profile made by per-method basis,
> >I was impressed how mach of memory takes constant
> >pool.
> >
> >I my case that was 530 kb!
> >
> >I think, there is one possible quick improvement.
> >since all CONSTANT_Utf8 constants are not used
> >directly, we may simply remove them, after
> >class file parsing.
> I haven't looked at kaffe in detail to answer this question, but it seems
> that supporting the reflection API requires a good deal of this information
> be available.  If strings are interned on a global basis, very little can
> be removed, if my thinking is correct.

That's what I'm thinking, too.

Except that you may be able to compress signatures since they usually
consist components that are stored as utf8 elsewhere.

	- Godmar

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