Kaffe on Linux with SA1100 !!??

Dirk Grunwald grunwald at pa.dec.com
Fri Feb 5 10:55:07 PST 1999

For a cross-compile for the SA1100, you need to define various
autoconf variables. The following should give you an idea of how to do
that, but be warned that this is for a different version of Kaffe than
the one you're using.

Also, if you're using an AOUT kernel(and most SA1100 linux systems are
still AOUT), you need to specify --withstaticlib, since you can't do


setenv CROSS_PREFIX arm-unknown-linuxelf-

##setenv CROSS_PREFIX arm-unknown-linuxaout-

setenv CC "$CROSS_PREFIX"gcc
setenv AR "$CROSS_PREFIX"ar" cr "
setenv LD "$CROSS_PREFIX"ld
setenv NM "$CROSS_PREFIX"nm
setenv RANLIB "$CROSS_PREFIX"ranlib

setenv ac_cv_prog_cc_cross yes
setenv ac_cv_prog_gcc yes
setenv ac_cv_func_mmap_fixed_mapped yes

setenv ac_cv_sizeof_short 2
setenv ac_cv_sizeof_long 4
setenv ac_cv_sizeof_long_long 8
setenv ac_cv_sizeof_double 8
setenv ac_cv_sizeof_int 4
setenv ac_cv_sizeof___int64 0
setenv ac_cv_sizeof_voidp 4

setenv ac_cv_c_bigendian no
setenv ac_cv_c_char_unsigned no

setenv ENGINE --with-engine=intrp

setenv CFLAGS "-DDEBUG -O -mcpu=strongarm -g -ggdb -fsigned-char -Wall"
setenv LD_LIBARY_PATH ""

rm config.cache
./configure \
    --verbose --prefix=/java \
    --without-x \
    --with-staticlib \
        --target=arm-unknown-linux-gnu \

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