[Kaffe] new stack trace patch.

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Sat Feb 6 20:32:25 PST 1999

> Personally, I consider any code that relies on parsing stack traces
> highly bogus.  

I second that.  Since stack trace parsing is obviously somewhat
VM-dependent it shouldn't be too hard to add a
kaffe.util.StackTraceConverter or something for getting the
information you're really interested in.  That or just revisit the
"need" for stack trace parsing...

In sum, I vote that the performance of kaffe's exception generation
should not be impacted to try an conform with Sun's
(not-specified-by-the-standard-) stack trace printing routines.

Filling in the stack trace after calling the Throwable constructor
seems like a good idea (I don't really like the Throwable.<init>
methods showing up in my backtraces, either.)


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