[Kaffe] can the classpath project be used with Kaffe.

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Tue Feb 9 19:43:19 PST 1999

> Tim Wilkinson wrote:
> > We use the GPL because we believe in free software - we don't believe in
> > writing software for other people to put in commerical products without making
> > that software free too - and that includes Transvirtual (we don't use any
> > public code in the custom version unless we get explit permission, and then
> > we've happy to pay for it too).
> I think this confirms from the source that the GPL choice for Kaffe is
> deliberate, to stave off some competitor coming into Transvirtual's
> market with a competing VM. Which is fine; Kaffe is cool, Transvirtual
> is being generous enough to provide support for it at all.

I would not phrase it this way.
It's not to stave off competitors that come into Transvirtual's market
with a competing VM.  It is only directed towards those competitors who
use code written by TVT in their proprietary products.  A fine, but 
important difference, if you ask me.

> Now, this is not quite true. The authors can only sell their code if
> they don't distribute Kaffe with it.

Distribution does not cover what is known in copyright law as aggregration,
and this is why your example about burning a CD that has Kaffe on it does 
not hold up.

	- Godmar

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