[Kaffe] can the classpath project be used with Kaffe.

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Tue Feb 9 22:39:36 PST 1999

On Feb 10, 1999, Alex Nicolaou <anicolao at mud.cgl.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:

> Alexandre Oliva wrote:

>> Item 2b implies that the derived work must be licensed ``as a whole
>> under the GPL'', but I understand that parts of it may have been
>> released under more permissive licenses (which does not include the
>> BSD license, because of the advertisement clause)

> I can't find any language in the GPL to support your contention that
> "parts of it may have been released under more permissive licenses".
> While that may be true (LGPL code as an example) the GPL is very
> explicit that code shipped with GPL code must all be under GPL. Where's
> the exception you are talking about?

I'm not talking about any exception, I'm basing my argument on the
``as a whole'' text and on the fact that several GNU packages,
including gcc and gdb, include non-GPLed code, public domain and
BSDish.  If these packages do that, then it must be permitted, or
there's something really wrong with the FSF :-)

But this is certainly something to be discussed in gnu.misc.discuss,
not here :-)

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