[Kaffe] problem while runing any java program on SUN / Solaris 2 .5.1

Philippe Emeriau philippe.emeriau at sophia.siemens-scg.com
Wed Feb 10 01:42:31 PST 1999

Hi *,

on SUN/Solaris 2.5.1, I have successfully compiled kaffe 1.0b3.
After that, with Kaffe javac, I'm able to compile many java programs (basic
java examples, awt). But when I try to execute the AWT programs with Kaffe
VM, it doesn't work ! I have the following messages :

illegal Graphics target: 1275070824
illegal Graphics target: 16777216
illegal Graphics target: 4440944
        at java/awt/NativeGraphics.getGraphics(530)
        at java/awt/NativeGraphics.getClippedGraphics(422)
        at java/awt/Component.getGraphics(313)
        at java/awt/Scrollbar.update(506)
        at java/awt/Scrollbar.setValues(473)
        at java/awt/ScrollPane.layout(282)
        at java/awt/ScrollPane.doLayout(210)
        at java/awt/Container.validateTree(538)
        at java/awt/Container.validate(531)
        at java/awt/Container.validateTree(541)
        at java/awt/Container.validate(531)
        at java/awt/ComponentEvt.getEvent(57)
        at java/awt/EventQueue.getNextEvent(35)
        at java/awt/EventDispatchThread.show(124)
        at java/awt/WMEvent.dispatch(52)
        at java/awt/EventDispatchThread.run(38)

What's the problem ?
I have tried different options while compiling kaffe (--with-threads,
--with-x) and their opposite value, but it doesn't change anything on the

Could it be possible that the special configuration of my X server has a bad
influence on Kaffe VM behaviour ?
I'm currently using a PC under NT with an X11 server (Exceed) where I have
all my X11 windows (xterm, xemacs,...).

Thanks in advance for all
Philippe Emeriau

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