[Kaffe] java.io.File(Input|Output)Stream question.

Tony Kimball alk at pobox.com
Thu Feb 11 21:14:58 PST 1999

Quoth Moses DeJong on Thu, 11 February:
: Is there some other kind of IOException
: that could happen while opening a file for writing that would not
: happen while opening a file for reading.

Paying strict attention to your 'could' and 'would' semantics,
you could get EPERM in one case while you would not in the other.
But, vice versa contrariwise, on the other hand.  

I *do* think the FileReader should throw IOException, for this reason,
if no other.  But frankly, I know of no guarantees that any exception
type in the standard class library interface is maximally specific, so
it's not a patent bug.

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