[Kaffe] java.io.File(Input|Output)Stream question.

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Fri Feb 12 16:31:49 PST 1999

Moses DeJong wrote:
> Do you have a better idea? 

Change FileNotFoundException to FileNotOpenedException.

The string describing the reason would say if it was a permission
problem or a non-existant file, a bad directory, an unavailable NFS
mount, etc.  Seems cleaner that throwing IOException when file
permissions are incorrect.

But, I don't think we have the liberty of redefining basic parts of
Java like this.  All I was trying to point out with the compile-time
problems is the cost associated with your fix.  I think you're right
that this is broken, but I don't know if its worth fixing.


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