memory defragmentation

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Tue Feb 16 07:06:34 PST 1999

>I'm still a weenie at programming, but I've had a Good Hard Think (tm)
>about this and I still don't see any memory structure that'll work
>better than the current system, which (as you know) dedicates each
>memory block to a certain size of object.  (In that respect, it's
>similar to the Boehm-Demers-Weiser collector; the book mentioned above
>cites [Boehm and Weiser, 1988].)

Correct me if I am wrong. What actually bother me is that kaffe use a free
list to keep track of free memory block. After allocating and reclaiming
memory blocks, the free block will not be contiguous and this might be the
problem for large objets to fit in. Or did I miss something?

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