StackOverflowError: HELP!

Vitaly Yermolenko vyermolenko at
Wed Feb 17 22:43:54 PST 1999

        Hi, all!

    Question: what I must to do in this case:

Panic: unhandled StackOverflowError()
httpd: [Thu Feb 17 12:25:15 1999] [error] [client] Premature
end of script headers: /servlets/dbreview

    And what recomendations regarding input parameters for Kaffe,
like: -ss, -mx,  -ms, -oss and  -as?
    I use Kaffe VM  1.0b3 + Apache/1.3.4 + JServ 1.0b1 on RH Linux 5.0.
    If you can give me some help regarding this problem it will be nice...


    Vitaly Yermolenko
    vyermolenko at

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