Automake 1.4 (was: Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k)

Joerg Wittenberger Joerg.Wittenberger at
Thu Feb 18 11:20:21 PST 1999

>>>>> "RS" == Raffaele Sena <raff at> writes:

RS> 	I really miss the good old times when I had to tweak the
RS> makefiles to build packages on my machines. At least I always knew
RS> what was going on :(

I just want to to second that.  I allway thought that I might have to
move my own stuff to use automake whatever.  The two notes have been
the final moment to get myself reading the docs.  This convinced me
that it is really not worth the effort.  There is little to gain, but
a lot of added complexity.  It is simply not "clean" enough.  Now I
understand why the most reliable software as well as industry happens
not to use those things (even autoconf is sort of risky, but that's
something one can bear with a little added policy when witing the's).


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