m68k and PPC JIT?

Stefan Burstroem f94sbu at efd.lth.se
Thu Feb 18 07:48:59 PST 1999

In article <199902182239.RAA17690 at ruff.inode.org> you wrote:
>Nicholai Benalal wrote:
>| I'm trying to do some work on Kaffe for AmigaOS.
>| I've got the interpreter to work and the AWT works
>| with X11. I will try to port the AWT to the amiga
>| windowing system (Intuition) but before I do that 
>| I would like to get JIT to run.
>| What's the status of JIT on m68k? Does it work ok
>| on a-ux, netbsd1 and openbsd2? 
>| Where should I begin? What's the difference between 
>| ../config/m68k/jit.h and ie .../config/m68k/openbsd2/jit.h

>The last time I was close enough to try it, there was a problem with the

>Once I get everything compiled, I will fix the JIT problems for NetBSD/m68k.
>These fixes should be applicable to AmigaOS, although the latter uses
>different register allocation conventions.

I have the JIT working here under AmigaOS. There are a couple of patches
that are generic to the whole m68k tree but I havn't dared downloading the
latest snapshot to diff it since I am afraid of all the autoconf etc. notes
seens on the mailing list.
Also, to get the JVM working under AmigaOS I have created a completely new
thread tree and I am not sure if it fits under the current CVS tree.

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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