Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k

Nicholai Benalal nicholai at
Thu Feb 18 12:49:11 PST 1999

Sure, that may be temporary, but it requires 
>resources to fix I'd rather spend on Kaffe.  What about the Amiga?
>Is there a port for automake 1.4?

Not that I know, but I guess someone will have to do something about it. The AmigaOS port of Kaffe  isn't in a very good condition right now. JIT isn't working and something has to be done to the AWT. X11 isn't the way to go uner AmigaOS. 

I'm working on the Kaffe1.0b3 release as newer snapshots don't configure (due to the automake problem I suppose)


ps I guess this was a bit OT. Sorry about that

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