Porting Kaffe to the Amiga

Nicholai Benalal nicholai at mailcity.com
Thu Feb 18 23:47:55 PST 1999


I would be happy to pass them on, and give you a hand if you want. 

It already passed my mind that those sources could be
of interest. Are you talking about what's available at
http://www.spirit.net.au/~jamesd/AWT-Beta/ ?
I would be thankful for any help.

> The sources I wrote were based around using Intuition as much as
>possible at as high a level as possible. This worked for an AWT implemented
>from the ground up. I suspect that for porting the X based AWT, it would be
>better to use layers and match them to X's concept of everything as a

Yes I was thinking about something similar. I haven't had
the time to look too much at the X implementation yet,
but I will this weekend. There's also the question of MUI or


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