Problem with m68k sysdepCallMethodV?

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Sat Feb 20 23:45:18 PST 1999

>Now, I am not all that familiar with embedded machine code, but this looks
>like someone wants to pass nrargs*sizeof(int) as a parameter, but no

You are right. The size passed in the asm statement is like the
vermiform appendix which I forgot to remove when I modify the
code to use C language.

>1. Is this OK?
>2. Why does Linux have a different sysdepCallMethod implementation?

Originally, m68k's sysdepCallMethod uses assembly language version,
which is so close to the one currently used for Linux. But, at one
time (may be one year ago), I modified it to use C language as
much as possible. Since I don't have Linux here, I can not check
whether similar code works for Linux or not, I just leave it.

So for the time being, I can say, the sysdepCallMethod not for
Linux works with netbsd or SunOS, and there are other porters
who have workable version for Linux and AmigaOS.

But as far as netbsd is concerned, it has one serious bug. I
mean, the jit version works fine for simple program like
HelloWorld, but it does not work for pizza. And this is what
I am currently debugging.


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