Problems compiling on NetBSD/m68k

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Sun Feb 21 06:18:24 PST 1999

In article <199902212222.PAA07400 at> you wrote:
>No, I don't.  I assume that all functions that POSIX lists as 
>async-signal-safe are safe.

Good call. My problem is that I don't think that anyone would ever even try
to say the words POSIX and Ixemul in the same sentence (Ixemul is the Unix
style emulation that is most popular for AmigaOS) :-)

>Before we did this, we simply substituted our own link-rule in 
>kaffe/kaffe/, but I'm not sure if automake allows to do that,
>more importantly, I wouldn't know how to do it in automake.

Ok, this sounds like a way to do it when I figure out how to use automake :)

>You are of course free to do whatever you want, but personally I would
>like to see kaffe structured in a way that changes like yours would indeed 
>be localized in these two directories.

Well, the only concern was the size of the package.

>Maybe we're misunderstanding each other here.  My point of view is that
>I don't want to rely on things that can break on some architectures.
>Instead, I want to cleanly isolate those things.  For instance, if
>gettimeofday is not safe (I believe it is in Posix), then let's add
>it to the jsyscall interface and hide it in system/*/.

Oki, could be done. I just felt when I started my work that I didn't want
to interfere too much with the rest of you since I had to do some pretty
strange things to get things running.
Since I need custom startup code anyway, moving gettimeofday into the
Syscall interface wont make a difference since I can have it in my own
startup code anyway.

As soon as I get the shell related problems with the current build figured
out I'll start thinking of a way to resort this.

A question somewhat related to this:
What happens with JNI? I mean if I use IO in a C function linked using JNI,
will it use the Syscall interface?

regards, Stefan Burstroem

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