Progress report: JIT on netbsd/m68k

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Sun Feb 21 19:56:40 PST 1999

>Also a suggestion: config/m68k/jit.h looks like it's actually used, but it
>isn't.  Rather, config/m68k/netbsd1/jit.h is used instead.  I don't know if
>this is true across the board for all m68k ports, but if m68k/jit.h is meant
>to be a template, then it should be marked and named as such.

Historically, m68k/jit.h was made first for Linux, and I made port of
it to NetBSD (m68k/netbsd1/jit.h). At the same time, the trampoline
method was introduced and I modified the later to use it, but the
original one has never modified. I'm planning to integrate the ports
to Linux and NetBSD for the last six month, but not a big progress :-)

# If you'd like to do, please go ahead.

Please see comments in m68k/netbsd1/* for details.


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