bug in ZipOutputStream

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Wed Feb 24 00:27:05 PST 1999

On Jan 17, 1999, Gerhard Paulus <gpaulus at stud.uni-frankfurt.de> wrote:

> it seems that ZipOutputStream defaults to method STORED which is
> different from Sun's implememtation.

Either this was fixed or you don't have zlib, in which case Kaffe will
only support stored zip files, or the code you posted doesn't
demonstrate the bug.

> But the resulting jar file is in a format which is not compatible with
> Sun's format. jar -xvf filename can't extract it. This works fine if
> DBZip is used on Win32 JDK.

Should be fixed by now.

> But it seems the whole java.util.zip implementation in Kaffe is
> practically useless

Yep, it used to be, but Moses DeJong has been doing a great job in
fixing it!  Thanks, Moses! :-)

> I also tested things with GZIPOutputStream and GZIPInputStream and found
> them useless as well. Even if the respective programs run they produce
> corrupted data for files larger 6 KB and are not compatible with Sun's
> implementations. If somebody is interested I can provide that code as
> well.

Please keep the bug reports coming :-)

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