Jacob: open source Java(TM) database now with mailing

Gerhard Paulus gpaulus at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Feb 24 19:37:52 PST 1999

Hi Kaffe folks,

I'm posting this message here in case someone with a current Kaffe snapshot wants to test the b/m Java user agent on Linux. It will take some time until I get to Linux work again and I'm sure NewsMail will show some bugs in the current Kaffe build <g>.  


Please find  Jacob 0.1 at http://www.rz.uni-frankfurt.de/~gpaulus

Jacob is an open-source Java(TM) database which comes with a development environment, all coded in pure Java(TM). I added mailing features in version 0.1 and yet another code sample.

The sample in samples\mail (NewsMail) is a full-fledged mail and news client (user agent in RFC-speak). NewsMail can be used to read and write personal mail and newsgroup messages. It is  based upon the SMTP-, POP3- and NNTP-implementations of Jacob. NewsMail stores mail and news in a Jacob database and therefore can be used in a single-user (local) and multi-user (client/server) scenario. 

Being all source code and all Java(TM) NewsMail is easily customizable. 
As a specialty I added spam control so that spam is filtered and/or returned  to the first accepting SMTP host. NewsMail also shows you at one glance all messages addressed directly to you even if these messages were posted in mailing lists and newsgroups. Find more info in samples\mail\readme.

Although it is a tad early to use Jacob for productive purposes you can indeed use NewsMail for your daily mail stuff (X-Mailer: Jacob 0.1). It may be a bit rough around the edges but it is a great first real-world app for a baby database.


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