RMI support? (fwd)

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Sat Jan 30 18:07:37 PST 1999

 Chris, it would be great if you let the list know what you find out
with regards to Ninja's compatibility.

You are bound to find bugs in kaffe's serialization implementation, in part
because it is incomplete.  However,  I do not think that the problem is lack
of knowledge of the native methods that Sun uses to implement their pickling
and the like.  Some known problems that are mentioned in the FAQ include
that kaffe's object serialization does not follow spec; for instance, it
does not compute serialversion uid according to the algorithm described by

As an aside, I should point out that RMI worked in the last pre-1.0b1
snapshot --- when kaffe still used Sun's classes.zip and implemented the
native methods by guessing --- so ironically we got those native methods 
upon which Sun's implementation relies right.  The current problems lie in 
the Java part, which is no longer based on any code from Sun.

	- Godmar

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> >On 23 Dec 1998, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> >> On Dec 22, 1998, Christopher Smith <cbsmith at envise.com> wrote:
> >> > I'm thinking of working on an RMI library for kaffe. I was wondering if
> >> > there was already one in the works.
> >
> >.. snip ...
> >
> >> But it would be nice to have a GPL'ed implementation of RMI too.
> >
> >http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~mdw/proj/ninja/
> >
> >Don't know if it works with Kaffe, but it's pure Java so it should.
> Hey thanks! It's not clear whether it supports the RMI wire protocol, but
> I'll know soon enough. Thanks.
> --Chris

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