Curious Kaffe vs. jdk speed test results under Linux

Godmar Back gback at
Sun Jan 3 12:05:04 PST 1999


thanks for your reply.

> Still, I think if Kaffe wants to use gcj, it might be better
> long-term to move Kaffe closer to the ABI used by gcj.  The
> main problem is that the gcj ABI is still evolving rapidly.
> It will not stabilize until we support ClassLoader.defineClass,
> JNI, and full reflection.

I agree that this is one possibility, and if gcj's ABI does not
impose restrictions that may restrict the coexistence of jitted and watted
code (I don't know whether it does), it's certainly a good one.

However, changes to Kaffe's meta data structures are possible as well.
A framework might allow any evolution to occur in parallel and independent
from each other.

	- Godmar

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