Kaffe for BeOS R4 -- progress made

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Sun Jan 3 16:14:51 PST 1999

 Hi Alan,

thanks for doing the BeOS port.

Here's a few random comments:

+ Please use the latest CVS.  Do not use 1.0b3.  

+ Do not use gcblock=hash.  There is no reason to use it any longer.
  Unfortunately, gcblock=mmap is a misnomer at this very moment; it does
  neither rely nor even use mmap().  So BeOS's not supporting mmap()
  is not a reason to go use gcblock=hash 

+ About sockets; Java does not assume that sockets are file descriptors.
  It is even worse: it does assume that they can be represented as integers.
  If that is not the case in BeOS, then we would have to use a kaffe.util.Ptr
  instead and dynamically allocate space; this would be kind of a drag.

	- Godmar

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