Java extensions...

Maxim Kizub max at
Wed Jan 6 12:17:06 PST 1999

>Thanks to Godmar, kaffe now works on my linux box.
>I've decided to start adding some extensions to java.
>First is JVM support for type parametrization.
>I hope, I'll make a preview in a week.
>Any chances this work will be included in main
>source tree (for example, with ./configure --enable-extensions ) ?
>After that I'm going to try make multimethod calls...
>Just to train myself before adding support for prolog engine
>of kiev compiler, wich will be much  more complex... ;-)
>Peter, you was intrested in it, wasn't you?
>Will someone help me, when I will be ready, with
>kaffe.def file ?


What solutions for better compatibility is prefered for
kaffe for extended bytecode:

a) change .class file extension to another... .klass
for example
b) change signature of .class files from 0xCAFEBABE to
something else...
c) simply change major version of bytecode.

or, maybe, a,b,c together?

  Maxim Kizub

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