static executable w/DLL's

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Thu Jan 7 01:15:09 PST 1999

On Dec 29, 1998, Dirk Grunwald <grunwald at> wrote:

> For a number of reasons (primarily space and to simplify support), I'd
> like to have a staticly linked "native" libraries (ie configure using
> --with-staticlib) but still allow native libraries to be loaded.

This should be possible as soon as I install the modifications I've
done to Kaffe for it to use automake and libtool.

> Also, at the same time, I noticed that symbol lookup in the "static
> native" libraries is done by a simple loop and strcmp. How often is
> this used, assuming you're using "static native" libraries and either
> (a) intrp or (b) jit?  Is the value looked up once per call site (and
> cached) or once per call? If it's once per call, I'll use a hashtable
> to speedup the lookup.

It's looked up once per method.  After lookup, it's stored in the
method descriptor as the address of the native method.

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