Socket bugs

Gerhard Paulus gpaulus at
Thu Jan 7 11:19:01 PST 1999

Kaffe VM 1.0.b3 :

Socket.setSoTimeout(int) throws NotImplementedException (or similar)

a host name "" is not taken as local host (as in JDK)

if (host.equals("")) {
	host= "" ;
socket = new Socket(host, port);

if a socket is closed and a thread is reading from the socket's input
stream then  this thread should be able to catch the SocketException
"Socket closed" (as in JDK)

Currently no exception is thrown and the input stream of the closed
socket somehow still seems to be active. IAC the Thread object cannot be
reused for reading from a new Socket.

The only workaround I found was to stop() the reading thread explicitly
and call cleanup code before reading from a new Socket.

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